Connect your IMServ energy data to Wattics via FTP


Are you ready for energy savings? Enable our cloud-based energy analytics and dashboard for your energy data collected via the IMServ Energy Data Collection service, to start discovering, measuring and verifying savings in the premises you manage.

With over 20 years’ experience in energy Data Collection, IMServ’s energy data services provide accurate, verified, independent and secure data sources. In the following we assume that IMServ already collects data from your meters.

Wattics integration with IMServ happens via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a standard protocol used for transmitting files between computers on the Internet over TCP/IP. FTP allows energy data in .CSV file format to be pushed automatically and periodically to Wattics FTP server.


Step 1: Request your Wattics FTP credentials


Request FTP credentials from Wattics

(Please mention that your data will come from IMServ)

Wattics will provide you with FTP credentials within 24 hours (example below):

        Username: wattics_123 
        Password: 123456789
        Folder: source


Step 2: Request IMServ to push .CSV files to our FTP servers


Send IMServ the FTP credentials provided by Wattics, and ask them to send data using the Portfolio output format (48 columns), without ‘estimation flags’ and without the units of measure.


As soon as IMServ start pushing .CSV files to our FTP server, email us at We will run our software parser to do a health check and make sure the data is coming in the right format.


Step 3: Register data points through the FTP Point Activation Mandate (PAM)


We need to know how to process the data in your .CSV files: unique IDs, names, hierarchy between data points, and units. We use the meter serial number

Download the FTP PAM

Fill up a FTP PAM and email it to to get your analytics dashboard set up.


Step 4: Receive your Wattics dashboard credentials and start analysing your data


Assuming everything is in order, we will enable your analytics dashboard, request you to register a credit card for the software subscription, and you will then receive an email with log-in credentials to start saving energy!


EGX300 Data Push


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Anthony Schoofs

Chief Technical Officer at Wattics
Anthony drives Wattics' innovation on energy efficiency for industrial and grid environments. Anthony is also behind, a blog covering technology advances within the smart grid and IoT markets, and was listed in 2011 amongst the top 100 IoT thinkers. Anthony was recently awarded the Globe Sustainability Research Award for his contribution to advancing knowledge on sustainability.

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