How to create and manage reports for your users

You must have Admin rights for managing reports. Please require access from your company’s account manager.

Log in to the dashboard and click on the Admin in the top left menu, and click on Report definitions icon on the top right corner to access the report management page.


Create a new report

To create a new report, click on the + New report definition tab.

You must create a new report template and associate it to a number of users. That report will then be created for each site active within the users’ dashboard and sent to them by e-mail every month based on your settings.

You must first provide specific information for the configuration of the report:

  • Name: The name of your report
  • Description: A short description with keywords to quickly find your report later on
  • Energy type: Electricity or Gas readings
  • Transmission day: Day of the month when the report must be sent
  • Time shift in months: The time shift in months between the transmission month and the data period to be considered (e.g. a value of 2 means that the June report will use data from April)

You must then select the template pages you want to include in the report. You can preview the pages and read the descriptions to decide which page to add to your report. Some pages may only be available for electricity or gas readings.


Some of the template pages allow you to add generic comments at the bottom of the page (e.g. Heatmap & operations analyser and Operations analyser & weekdays). This is useful if you want to add custom marketing messages calling for action.


Some of the template pages are also designed to work with normalized energy used, using energy use and adjustment data.


You can then add custom headers and footers to replace the default footer, with images in 685x100px format.


Finally, you must select the users which will receive the report for all the sites active within their dashboard.


After you create your new report, the report will appear together with other reports in the List tab, and reports will be sent monthly as per your settings.


Preview your report

You can preview your report by clicking on the Preview tab. There you can select your report, one of the sites active within your dashboard account, the month and year to consider, and the language of the report. A pdf report will be created when you click on the Generate button, allowing you to double check that everything is fine before the report is issued to your customers.


Manage your reports

You can review your reports by clicking on the List tab. if you are looking for a specific report, you can filter by report name, keywords, energy type or user.

All reports can be edited via the buttons on the right hand side, if you want to modify the users that receive the reports, the settings or even delete the report altogether.


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