How to manage users and access rights from the Dashboard Admin pages

This posts documents how to manage users and access rights from the Admin page within your Dashboard account.

Log in to the dashboard and click on Admin in the top right menu. In the top menu, click on the Users icon to see the list of user accounts that you currently manage (i.e. colleagues or customers).

You can click on the magnifying glass icon to see more information about a specific user.

You can edit the user account information by clicking on the Edit icon.

You can modify access rights to specific organisations and sites by clicking on the Building icon. Just type in the name of the new organisations you want to give them access to and click Add to give access. You can on the left panel select and unselect sites within a specific organisation and update your settings.

You can review the history of modifications you made to user details and access rights by clicking on the History icon.

You can create new users by clicking on the + icon. There you must select the dashboard plan they must be associated to, i.e. what functionality they have access to and the associated subscription plan.

Untick the “Set password” button if you want them to receive an automated email to set their password. You may as well tick the “Set password” button if you prefer to set a specific password and send it over yourself by email. The email address of the user will be the username to log in.

You can also set the language for the user and add notes about the user that only Admin users will see.

Once the user has been created, you must give me access rights to some organisations and sites (see STEP 5), and then click on the “Mail” icon at the very right to get the automated username/password email sent to them.


Anthony Schoofs

Chief Technical Officer at Wattics
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