How do I update the firmware of my Octopus

Download and locate your Wattics Octopus Tool software package (zip file). Unzip the file and open the folder.


Go to the IDOMPROJECT subfolder (or Sys subfolder) and double click on the iDomProject executable file to run the Firmware Updater software.


Click on “Communications” > “Connect”


In the pop up window, click on the icon “Search” (magnificent glass) to go to the search Window.


In the next window tick DHCP and click in the “Search” button to find all the Octopus gateways in the network. Select the Octopus gateway you want to update and click “Ok” in this window and in the next.


Click on the “Refresh Network” button to show the Octopus you are connected to.


Select the Octopus gateway and right click on it. Select first “Clear Program/Config”m and then select the gateway again with a right click and choose “Update Firmware from File” and select the firmware file shown.


Follow the update progress on the tab at the bottom and you can close the application when the update is finished (100%). Your Octopus is now updated to the latest firmware.

Anthony Schoofs

Chief Technical Officer at Wattics
Anthony drives Wattics' innovation on energy efficiency for industrial and grid environments. Anthony is also behind, a blog covering technology advances within the smart grid and IoT markets, and was listed in 2011 amongst the top 100 IoT thinkers. Anthony was recently awarded the Globe Sustainability Research Award for his contribution to advancing knowledge on sustainability.