Connecting PT100 probes to the Wattics Octopus

This post outlines the wiring steps for connecting 2-wire PT100 probes to the Wattics Octopus. You can connect the 2-wire PT100 temperature probes to the Octopus Gateway or I/O Extension units in any available analog input.

Hardware Connection – Octopus Gateway unit



Hardware Connection – Octopus I/O Extension unit



Note: Non supported PT100 probes will require the development of a new Octopus PT100 software driver. This steps involves you sending us a sample PT100 probe for calibration. You may contact us at for any clarification.

Anthony Schoofs

Chief Technical Officer at Wattics
Anthony drives Wattics' innovation on energy efficiency for industrial and grid environments. Anthony is also behind, a blog covering technology advances within the smart grid and IoT markets, and was listed in 2011 amongst the top 100 IoT thinkers. Anthony was recently awarded the Globe Sustainability Research Award for his contribution to advancing knowledge on sustainability.

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