3 – Preparing your quote (in Retail Stores)

Wattics energy management solution for retail stores

Step-by-step procedures for monitoring and benchmarking of HVAC, lighting and power outlets within/across stores.


At this stage you have gathered information about the store’s electrical setup and computed your project proposal. You also know whether the customer IT infrastructure can be used and the policy for using it.

This third post explains you how you can compute the costs associated to this project and produce a quote for the customer.

1 – Gathering information for your project proposal
2 – Preparing your project proposal
3 – Preparing your quote
4 – Preparing your installation
5 – How to install your metering equipment

When putting together your quote, the goal is to break down the costs associated to

  • Metering equipment
  • Shipping fees
  • Dashboard/software subscription
  • GPRS/3G Router (optional)
  • IT contractor
  • Electrical contractor


Step 1: Request quote to Wattics for metering equipment, GPRS/3G Router (optional), shipping and Dashboard/software subscription

Unless you have Wattics pricing list with you and are familiar enough to compute the costs yourself, you must request a quote to Wattics for your project metering equipment, GPRS/3G Router (optional), shipping and Dashboard/software subscription.

The form below must be used for that purpose, or you may email your Wattics contact directly:

Request a Quote from Wattics
Form not yet available, in progress

The below shows the information that would be provided based on the real-world example used in 2 – Preparing your project proposal:

Wattics quote information
Number of locations 1
Number of circuits 6
Circuits specs 6 x 35mm2 100A + 12 x 25mm2 75A
Internet access from customer Yes
Specific requirements Long CT cables
Shipping address Shanghai, China

Wattics would return a quote providing metering equipment inline with above requirements and a Dashboard/software subscription based on 6 x metered points.


Step 2: Request quote for electrical work

You must contact the electrician and explain what is involved in terms of electrical work, so that he can provide you with a quote for the work.

Electrician quote information
1 Provision & Installation of Type C 3P 6A MCB at each meter location before installation date
(you may refer to 4 – Preparing your installation for more details)
2 Wiring of metering equipment at installation date
(you may share 5 – How to install your metering equipment to show what is involved)
3 Provision of enclosures, plastic glands, trunken, kopex, etc for a tidy installation.


Step 3: Request quote for IT work

At that stage you have been told whether the customer’s IT infrastructure can be used.

You cannot use the customer’s Internet

You must purchase a GPRS/3G Internet hotspot to provide Internet to your meters. Wattics can provide such devices and manuals on how to use them worldwide, please include this need in your quote to Wattics (see Step 1 above). You may also source the device elsewhere, in that case Wattics will not be in a position to support that aspect of the installation.

You can use the customer’s Internet

Copy and send the information below to the IT contractor recommended by your customer, or to the one you are planning to contract. They will use that information to understand the work involved and provide you with a quote for labour + cabling.


Each meter must be provided with a wired Internet connection (no WiFi) to push power measurements to a specific HTTP URL via port 80.

Network cables (cat5, cat5e or cat6) must be wired from the store’s IT room to the room where the meters will be deployed. The cables will be plugged to the meters. Network access will need to be enabled, preferably via DHCP. If specific network configuration is required, the IT contractor will need to tell us how to configure the meters:

  • LAN Subnet mask
  • LAN default gateway IP address
  • Static IP address for each meter

Network points will preferably be commissioned and tested before electrical installation date.


You now have all the costs associated to the installation and you can produce the quote for your customer. Once the project is approved (PO received from customer), you must issue POs to Wattics and other contractors to get the process started for installation and delivery within 4 weeks (or else agreed).

You can now move to 4 – Preparing your installation to get started with the installation process.


Please contact us at support@wattics.com if you need any clarification on the steps outlined.


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