1 – Gathering information for your project proposal (in Retail Stores)

Wattics energy management solution for retail stores

Step-by-step procedures for monitoring and benchmarking of HVAC, lighting and power outlets within/across stores.

This first post describes the information you need to get from the store to produce your project proposal.

1 – Gathering information for your project proposal
2 – Preparing your project proposal
3 – Preparing your quote
4 – Preparing your installation
5 – Installing your metering equipment

Energy management always start with an inspection of the store where work is proposed. This helps gather information about the existing electrical setup, and to define the right metering strategy to support your project’s objective, which is monitoring and benchmarking of HVAC, lighting and power outlets within/across stores.

The information below can be gathered as part of a site survey where one of your engineers goes on site to collect what’s needed, or remotely if the local contact person can survey the site and provide you with the information requested.


Step 1: Find information about the electrical wiring

This is the most important aspect of the site survey. You must put your hands on information that will allow you to identify how to measure the total energy use and the energy consumed by HVAC equipment (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), power sockets and lighting separately. You have two options:


OPTION 1 (preferred)

Find the electrical wiring diagram showing how the store is wired, and make copies (pdf, scans, photos, notes)


OPTION 2 (if no electrical diagram available)

Go to the main electrical room, and make pictures and notes of all the electrical boards located there, focusing on the names of the boards, the names of the sub-boards/circuits supplied by each board, and the circuit breakers (MCB) used.

You may need to open the door of the distribution boards for that. Once you have done that, try to reconstruct the hierarchy between the distribution boards to show how HVAC, Lighting and power outlets are wired back to the main distribution board(s).



IMPORTANT: If no electrical diagram exists and the wiring between distribution boards is unclear, an electrician will need to be contracted to label the main distribution boards before a project proposal is produced.


Step 2: Identify staff and contractors you will need to contact

Deploying a monitoring system requires electrical work and access to the Internet. You must get contact details of the staff/contractors you will need to work with:

  • Customer point of contact
  • IT company/person they work with
  • Electrician they work with


IMPORTANT: You must find a local electrician or IT company to do the works if no preferred contractor exists.


Step 3: Ask the important questions now to avoid future delay

You must check a few things to the local staff and contractors regarding the future installation work:

  • Can the existing network infrastructure be used to connect the meters to the Internet? If so, what is the Group IT policy in terms of getting network access?
  • Is it ok to organise electrical installation after business hours? Power may indeed be shut down temporarily.
  • Can we access your most recent electricity bills or electricity tariff in place to calculate energy costs?


That’s all you need for your project proposal, put all your notes together and you can now move to Stage 2 – Preparing your project proposal.



Please contact us at support@wattics.com if you need any clarification on the steps outlined.


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