Do you know electricians who can install the meters

The installation of metering equipment within your premises must be conducted by an electricianand we know who to call. Wattics has built a network of certified electricians throughout the Republic of Ireland and abroad that can work with you to install our metering system with minimum disruption to your business.

Contact us if you need an electrician


If you have your own trusted electricians, we will provide a suite of installation manuals detailing every single step of the installation.


Wattics Installation


Common guidelines to the installation process:

  • Installation must take place according to the documentation provided, using suitable equipment and tools.
  • Devices must be installed without voltage applied and by qualified personnel.
  • General safety regulations and nationally applicable accident prevention guidelines must be observed.
  • Electrical installation must be carried out according to the relevant safety guidelines


Ah, and don’t worry about the software installation, it’s all automated.


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Anthony Schoofs

Chief Technical Officer at Wattics
Anthony drives Wattics' innovation on energy efficiency for industrial and grid environments. Anthony is also behind, a blog covering technology advances within the smart grid and IoT markets, and was listed in 2011 amongst the top 100 IoT thinkers. Anthony was recently awarded the Globe Sustainability Research Award for his contribution to advancing knowledge on sustainability.