Discover energy saving opportunities with Wattics Activity Maps

Have you tried our Activity Maps yet? They allow you to discover patterns of abnormal energy use, for easy savings!

Try out the Activity Maps now

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You can at all times access your Activity Maps within your dashboard top menu (only available for Advanced and Professional accounts).


The Activity Maps colouring gets darker when consumption is at its peak, so you can immediately identify how a specific equipment or area is used, and more importantly if everything is normal.


How to start saving money

The Activity Maps will immediately show you when somebody has forgotten to switch off equipment after hours (dark green peak consumption overnight) and when some machines are never switched off and run 24/7 (light green colour overnight should be white to indicate no consumption). You can now take these insights onboard, go talk to your staff and make sure this doesn’t happen again. Money savings will follow!


Understanding better energy use

The Activity Maps will provide you with an intuitive overview of how good (or bad) you are doing with your energy use. Are you using photovoltaics? Do you want to see how weather conditions impact the energy produced each day?


To summarise, just click on any circuit, look how energy is being used, and ask yourself the right questions:

  • Is it what I expected to see?
  • Should that equipment or area consume less based on the business operations?
  • Can I do something about it?


Try out the Activity Maps now

Contact us if you want to set up a Wattics Dashboard account


We will never stop innovating! We want our customers to have the most innovative energy management solutions in the market, and that’s why we’re pioneering solutions like Activity Maps for you.

Anthony Schoofs

Chief Technical Officer at Wattics
Anthony drives Wattics' innovation on energy efficiency for industrial and grid environments. Anthony is also behind, a blog covering technology advances within the smart grid and IoT markets, and was listed in 2011 amongst the top 100 IoT thinkers. Anthony was recently awarded the Globe Sustainability Research Award for his contribution to advancing knowledge on sustainability.