Connect your Obvius AcquiSuite Data Acquisition Server to Wattics

Obvius AcquiSuite Data Acquisition Server

This page outlines the steps to configure your Obvius AcquiSuite Data Acquisition Server to push data to Wattics.

NOTE: It is assumed that the Obvius AcquiSuite already collects data from meters. If not, read and understand Obvius manuals for installing, operating, or maintaining your Obvius AcquiSuite Data Acquisition Server. Installation and program procedures must be carried out and inspected by qualified personnel. Qualified personnel are those who, based on their training and experience, are capable of identifying risks and avoiding potential hazards when working with this product.


Step 1: Register your data logger and data points with Wattics


Register your AcquiSuite server

You will need to send on the following details:

        - The serial number of your Acquisuite Gateway 
        - The "Modbus Loop Name" you will configure on the device 
        - Each Modbus device name 
        - Each Modbus device make/model 
        - A sample log file for each Modbus device make/model

One of our tech support representatives will confirm your Wattics dashboard account and will register the AcquiSuite gateway and Modbus devices to the dashboard. You will also receive a data upload password and target URL/IP address to use when setting up the Acquisuite Gateway to send log files to Wattics Dashboard.


Step 2: Configure the Modbus Loop Name of your Acquisuite


  • Use your browser to connect to the AcquiSuite (check the AcquiSuite install manual to see how to do this).
  • Select the Modbus/Setup section from the menu on the left.
  • In the field titled Modbus Loop Name enter a name for this AcquiSuite Gateway to uniquely identify it, this is the Modbus Loop Name that you have forwarded to Wattics in step 1.


Step 3: Configure the Acquisuite to transmit to Wattics


You are now ready to set up your Acquisuite to send data. Select the Log File Data > Setup/Upload menu.

Obvius Data Push

The following features are available:

  • AcquiSuite Serial Number: This is the serial number that uniquely identifies your AcquiSuite. This number can not be changed. When uploading data to Wattics, this serial number is used to identify the AcquiSuite to the Wattics server. This is the serial number which you need to forward to Wattics along with the other details in step 1.
  • Scheduled upload time: This option allows you to control when the AcquiSuite will initiate the upload process. You can select any hour of the day, and the AcquiSuite will select some time at random within that hour to start the upload.
  • Number of times to retry: In the event of a failure this option specifies the number of retries to attempt the upload again. If all retries fail, the AcquiSuite will wait until the next scheduled upload time before trying again.
  • Time to wait before retry: In the event of a failure, the AcquiSuite can be configured to wait for a specified period of time before attempting another connection. This option specifies how long to wait before retrying.
  • Upload data on alarm status change: This setting will cause the AcquiSuite to initiate the upload process if any point on any Modbus device enters or leaves an alarm state. This option can be left disabled, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Upload data on low disk alarm: This feature will cause the AcquiSuite to attempt a data upload immediately if the log file storage area is more than 75% full. This option can be enabled, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Allow remote Modbus device configuration: This feature is not supported by Wattics and can be left disabled, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Protocol: You must select Obvious Building Manager Online (or HTTP in other device configurations)
  • Target Address to upload data: This is the website URL or IP to upload data to. This should be set to the URL/IP which you receive from Wattics.
  • Password to upload data: This password is used by the Wattics web server to verify the AcquiSuite device authentication before accepting the uploaded data. You should input the password provided to you by Wattics.


Step 4: Start data upload


Click the Upload Data Now button to start data upload. Your data will be sent to Wattics, log in to your dashboard and get started!


Obvius Data Push


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